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About Mike


I loved to draw since I was in my primary school, especially the cartoon characters that I watched on tv! After my high school years, I eventually ventured into arts school and got a degree in Visual Communications in the U. of Kansas. There was a great deal of knowledge I’ve gained from the faculty of art especially from the professors. I find arts and see art in almost every aspects, and was happily creating graphic arts after I graduated from school.

Never did I thought I would be a photographer, and it was my better half who introduced me into the wedding industry in 2006. She was a make-up artist for a bridal studio back then. Through various company events, I managed to learn some skills from their photographers and I slowly discovered my love for wedding photography. I started to assist the main photographers, gaining knowledge and experiences day by day. It has been a long journey since then, and never did I thought it became what I do as a living till now.

The passion for photography grew throughout the journey as I don’t consider it as a thing I do for a living, I was able to capture the moments that would probably last for a lifetime for the couples. Apart from that, I was also able to channel in my creativity to make it an artwork through photography.

During the tenure, I cross path with wedding videographers and managed to learn a thing or two from them during assignments. Eventually, I decided to venture into videography and took on videography for weddings & events. A lot of the skill was self taught, from shooting to editing, to creating artwork pieces. It was a lot of hard work and lots of time spent to create the greatest piece of work/art, but was worth the effort. I cannot be happier to be doing what I love to do!


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